Check The Tech: Gifts To Secure The Crib


On the first two episodes of Check The Tech, we ensured you had everything you needed for the wellness gurus in your life and everything to help the gamers have a satisfied holiday season.

Now, in the third episode of Check The Tech, we’re blessing you with the dopest tech for your house.

Our host and tech venture capitalist Sara Lovestyle sat down with Tech CEO, entrepreneur, and engineer Rodney Gainous Jr. to keep your crib safe. Plus, he runs his own security company called Safe, so he knows the business.

Gainous Jr. talks about getting his start in tech and helping create the Bird app — for renting motorized scooters– for Android and iPhone. Then, he breaks down the importance of safety and security when using tech and how his company, Safe, is heavy on email verification and makes sure sensitive emails get to their intended reader.

Furthermore, Gainous wants you to make sure your home is just as secure as your digital footprint.

“When you talk about home security, I think there are some easy ways to get started, like the Google Nest Doorbell, which I just got for myself. The reason I say this is a good place to start is because most of us have Gmail, and if we don’t, it takes two seconds to make one,” he says. “One thing I noticed about Nest is they have a lot of resources for parents, which I think is key.”

He goes on to mention another major key to home security is the HavenLock Connect Zwave+, which fortifies locked doors, and the Taser StrikeLight 2, the ultimate self-defense device, which also has flashlight capabilities.

Check out the latest episode of Check The Tech above to tighten up your crib’s security in the most tech-savvy way.

Tune in next week for the final episode for the best gifts for creators.