Check the Tech: Gifts for the Creator


After covering all the tech you need to keep your home secure, gifts for the gamers, and the wellness gurus, we’re wrapping up our Check The Tech series with our host, tech venture capitalist Sara Lovestyle

On the final episode, entertainment attorney turned tech entrepreneur James Jones pulled up to talk about the best gifts for the content creators in your life.

Jones is the founder and CEO of the finance app Bump, which aims to be the premier destination for Banking and fintech to help creators grow and fund their passions through real-time market values and lines of credit.

For Jones, his career trajectory all started with his love for music.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been around music,” Jones said. “So that was the transition to becoming an entertainment lawyer where I’m actually representing creators, artists, and influencers and helping them find additional sources of income and understand how the business works, which transitioned me into tech.”

So, with the creators in mind, Sara picks Jones’ brain for the top items he thinks any newfound creator needs.

He starts off with a Mactrem Ring Light that features several settings to make sure your content is lit as perfectly as possible, and it’s portable for when you’re on the move.

“It’s an absolute necessity. Lighting is the most integral part of this entire process. If my lighting is bad, I can’t create content,” Sara adds.

Next up is the Logitech HD Streamcam, coming in at $99, which James says is much better quality than the one installed on your laptop, making for a crisper and more professional shot. Lastly, the Beat by Dre headphones for the utmost audio quality.

Watch the final episode of Check The Tech above for all your content creator needs.