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As the Tupac estate commemorates the 25th anniversary of his Greatest Hits album, Paisley Park is working with Minneapolis Public Schools in an effort to make music education accessible to kids.

To do this, they’re offering kids free access to Paisley Park, which was converted into a museum following Prince’s death in 2016. Meanwhile, we’re over here trying out figure out how to pass as school-aged children. But not on some creepy sh*t—tickets are typically between $46-$167.50 a pop, fam.

“Prince constantly pushed himself to reach new heights and taught others to expect the same from themselves. He was a passionate advocate of music education and its ability to inspire children and adults alike, and we look forward to fulfilling this tenet through our work with MPS,” Paisley Park tour manager Mitch Maguire said in a statement.

Paisley Park’s initiative aligns with the Purple One’s legacy. As noted by VIBE, he had donated to multiple schools in his hometown and across the U.S. before his passing.

Earlier this year, Minneapolis’ Anwatin Middle School created a “music room” dedicated to Prince. Created for music students, the music room was equipped with multiple instruments—including 18 keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, and more.

“[Prince] wanted to impact the community and he did for so long. We don’t want there to be a hole in that space,” Manuela Testolini, Prince’s ex-wife, told local news station WCCO-TV in June. “We want to make sure that is continuing as much as Andre said, as much as the music is continued, the impact has to continue and he was an activist, he was a revolutionary, he was a philanthropist. We want to make sure that is elevated and kept at the front.”

She added, “It’s great to go play his music and to do all of that and that’s wonderful and it’s a beautiful thing for his musical legacy, but I think the extension to that is to give back to kids.”

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