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Flat out, the most important part of being on your grown man shit is being fiscally responsible.

How are you gonna go out on dates and diss anyone who even thinks about downgrading to Uber Pool if your finances aren’t right? So, of course, to get your money right, Dustin is going to show you the light as you stress about all the holiday gifts you gotta cop. Legend has it that he flipped his first house at the age of 10 and owns half of your favorite sportswear company, so you should probably listen up.

Dressed like a trustworthy teller at your local bank, Dustin reminds everyone that there’s nothing wrong with have more than one savings account and there’s definitely nothing wrong with having a savings and checking account. Want a separate account for that house you’re saving up for? Do it. Want a separate account for those coveted sneakers that always seem to drop every December? Do it. Want to open a separate account for your secret child’s college? Not only is that a stand-up move but you should definitely do it.

Next up is an Individual Retirement Account— which is commonly referred to as an IRA. Hopefully, your employer is matching your contributions, and if not, perhaps you should up the percentage coming out of your check— but that’s only if you’re disciplined enough.

The goal will always be to have more than one source of income, and please chill out with the credit card swiping, bro. When in doubt always remember, “if you can’t buy it twice then you can’t really afford it.”

We shall struggle with you as you embark on your savings journey.

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