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His second Jordan Brand performance sneaker, Russell Westbrook’s forthcoming Why Not Zer0.2, is a multicolored mashup of different performance materials. The name is a nod to the athlete’s mantra of doing you regardless of what people think and being confident in who you are— something he often refers to as “owning the chaos.”

“Every colorway has a meaning behind it that is special to me.”

Each shade references a uniform that helped define his career. “Every colorway has a meaning behind it that is special to me,” says Westbrook. “With the Why Not Zer0.2, I wanted to take that storytelling to the next level with an exposed tag that helps illustrate the meaning behind the colors used.”

The design features a family crest and black block on the outsole honoring late best friend, Khelcey Barrs III–a design detail born out of Westbrook’s tradition of writing ‘KBIII’ on his game shoes as a nod to his pal. The Why Not Zer0.2 drops in mens sizes on January 10 and in all sizes later this month. Learn more about the kicks at