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Actor Jonathan Majors Arrives At Court For Closing Arguments In Domestic Violence Trial

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Jonathan Majors had his first post-court case interview with Good Morning America earlier this week, and it might not have gone as well as he’d liked.

While sitting with ABC’s Linsey Davis, Majors spoke about the March 2023 incident. But what most people have gravitated to was his comments on how supportive his new girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, has been during the trial against his ex, Grace Jabbari.

Majors got criticized weeks ago when in a recorded conversation submitted in court where he asked that Jabbari, an English white woman, be more aware of her irresponsible actions and that she behave more like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

Seemingly not understanding the wildness of the statement, he name-dropped Coretta’s name again.


“She’s an angel. She’s held me down like a Coretta [Scott King]. I’m so blessed to have her,” Majors responded as Good watched from behind the scenes.

The jokes have been endless on social media, but it’s come to a head now because Scott King’s daughter Bernice King took to X to emphasize that her mother was more than MLK’s wife and was a successful civil rights activist before they wed.

“My mother wasn’t a prop. She was a peace advocate before she met my father and was instrumental in him speaking out against the Vietnam War. Please understand…my mama was a force,” she tweeted.

Bernice, the CEO of the King Center, included a picture of her mother and a link to a HuffPost article from 2017 she authored entitled A Woman Purposed To Be A King. The work breaks down her many accomplishments before MLK, including being a member of the NAACP and the Race Relations and Civil Liberties Committees at Antioch College, earning a scholarship to the prestigious New England Conservatory for Music in Boston “and how her gender would not deter her success, nor did it detract from her strength.”

See social media’s response to Majors comparing Good to Scott-King, which prompted this response below.

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