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Women Soliciting Customers in Amsterdam's Red Light District

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Sex culture varies in different countries around the world. There are communities known internationally for their legalized sex work, so if you’re looking to get it in sans courting rituals or simply want to hook up with a hooker without police drama, hitting a legal pay-to-play spot is the perfect way to spice up your trip. Here are some places you should consider for a walk on the wild side—whether it’s a quickie or the sh-t of your fantasies.


The conservative attitude towards sex that’s often touted by the masses in the Republic of Singapore vastly differs from the debauchery that occurs in the city-state’s red light district, Geylang. The region is infamous for its brothels and prostitutes are required to undergo regular health checks and carry a health card. While Geylang is a favorite for the area’s working class population and tourists, Orchard Towers is the spot to go if you’re gonna ball out. The building is well known for its “Four Floors of Whores”, where you’ll find Eastern European prostitutes and “high-end Asian freelancers” who are among the elite of the business.  Street prostitute typically costs anywhere between S$50-$80 ($36-$58 US dollars), and more exclusive escorts will cost more than S$100 ($73 US dollars).


The Amsterdam Red Light District is one of the first places that comes to mind when many think about international sex work. Anything is game in the Netherlands, with prostitution, brothels, and pimps being legal. Red neon lights cast a dark, sensuous glow that highlights 300 windows where women are going to work. It’s strictly forbidden to take photos or film women behind their windows—but once you get your money right, you won’t want anything else in your hands anyway. For 20-30 minutes of oral sex and intercourse, that’s typically 50 euros ($55 US dollars).


While it’s not as racy as the Amsterdam, Zurich is still a hot bed for erotic pleasure. Sex clubs are one place where you can pay an admission fee, have a drink while you meet potential “dates” and head over to a room for some private time. A lube job can cost around $50; entire package is $100; and $200 and more to “stick it in reverse.” There are also plenty of erotic massage parlors where you can get the coveted “happy ending” treatment.

New Zealand

New Zealand sex workers have been said to have better working conditions than any other country.They have contracts, healthcare, get paid weekly, and covered under safety laws. Some major cities where prostitution hubs are prevalent include Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Here you can can take your pick from street walkers, escort agencies, brothels, and swingers’ clubs. Sexual services are also advertised online, in the classified ads section of national and local newspapers, and on late night television. There is a catch; you have to pay more to play. And the fun is definitely pricey — base prices typically start around $230 ($120 to the girl, $110 to the club) but tend to rise based on the worker and the fantasy you want to fulfill.