Finally moving out of your parent’s crib? Just got huge raise and getting that apartment with a view? Or did you finally get caught cheating and have to move out ASAP?

Whether there’s some big event or you’re just trying to size down your mess, getting organized and decluttering is essential—and something you can do to get your year off to the right start. If you’ve been out of school for a while we know you’ve got several old Jordan boxes under your bed full of papers that you KNOW you need to get rid of. First off, if you haven’t used it in years you can probably throw it away— are you really going to need to know how to do the Pythagorean theorem ever again? We doubt it. Secondly, it’s a fire hazard, bro.

Tidying up is also a great chance to throw away all the old memories from exes who have wronged you. All those cute pictures you took together and those ticket stubs from your first date to see Transformers need to get trashed. Not only will you get a chance to go down memory lane as you bag up all this stuff to take it to the curb, but you’ll also feel better as you begin to see the bottom of your closet for the first time in years.

Oh, and please know the difference between vintage and sh*tty clothes when you start to toss some old ‘fits. The FUBU jersey that you totally forgot about? Keep it. Those jeans that cover your entire sneaker? That ain’t it, chief.

For all the other tips—including downsizing your gawdly porn stash—watch Dustin teach you how to declutter up top.

Grown Man Shit Organize

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