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Samsung came out the gate swinging with its lineup of powerful Galaxy S10 smartphones. DxOMark Image Labs put the devices new powerful cameras to test and based on the results Samsung’s new phones passed with flying colors.

This news should have the folks at the Korean based tech giant smiling from ear to ear. Utilizing its mobile scale and a new selfie scale, DxOMark puts the Galaxy S10+’s dual-lens front camera setup and its new Pro-Grade triple camera system on the back of the phone in elite company.

Each test focuses on exposure, focus, artifacts, flash, noise, texture, color, and bokeh as well as testing out each lens ability to record video. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ dual-lens front camera earned 101 in photo testing and a 88 in the video test for a rounded score of 96 making it the best performing selfie camera for images and video according to DxOMark.

As for the Pro-Grade rear camera system it earned 114 in photo testing and a 97 in video tests for an impressive round score of 109 earning a joint first place spot with Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro. Samsung fans you can pop your collar and boast about to any iPhone owners who try to talk smack about your Galaxy phone. The Galaxy S10+ arrives March 8 at a starting price of $999.99 for a minimum of  128GB and $1,599 to increase the storage to 1TB.

Will this news lure you to team Galaxy? Or will you be sticking with team iPhone? Either way, you really can’t go wrong, but Samsung is making a mighty strong case for your attention.