Between impulse buying or statement pieces, figuring out what you really need in your closet— or anything else around your crib– can leave you scratching your head. Some things are worth investing in, while others are a quick purchase via Amazon. But either way, sometimes it’s helpful when someone can cut through all the noise […]

Don C is a man of many talents and wears many hats, so it makes sense he needs a smartphone that reflects his hustle.


It's about that time to cop a new phone, tablet, or a watch.


When the line, “What’s the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6” was uttered in JAY-Z’s Imaginary Player, it was a simple message veiled in an adlib of a song. If you’re going to get a Range Rover and have the option to get the best one, why not ball out? Even back in the […]

New York-based lifestyle brand, Grungy Gentleman, champions itself for seamlessly combining design, digital media together. The brand pulls out of all the stops to supply authentic, tech-savvy streetwear while making sure its garments maintaining a casual and athletic but still full of color. So that’s why Grungy Gentleman linking up with Samsung to utilize the […]

Despite being born without any arms or legs, Coach Rob Mendez isn’t looking for any sympathy. Mendez also doesn’t let the fact that he is differently-abled slow him down. His determination to live his life and coach youth football earned him the 2019 ESPY Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. He captured the hearts of Americans […]

Samsung came out the gate swinging with its lineup of powerful Galaxy S10 smartphones. DxOMark Image Labs put the devices new powerful cameras to test and based on the results Samsung’s new phones passed with flying colors. This news should have the folks at the Korean based tech giant smiling from ear to ear. Utilizing […]

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Samsung stepped it up.