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Los Angeles Lakers v Toronto Raptors

Source: Vaughn Ridley / Getty

The Los Angeles Lakers season has turned out to be a disaster. The team was looking like they were on their way to their first postseason appearance since the 2012-13 season.

Unfortunately, injuries started pouring in and the season fell apart. LeBron James went down on Christmas, Rajon Rondo and Lonzo Ball both followed with injuries of their own, and in just two short months, they fell from a potential 5-6 seed to potentially ending up with a Top 10 pick in the lottery.

What’s worse, their attempts at trading for Anthony Davis at the deadline fell apart and shined a light on the Lakers front office’s inability to keep their efforts in improving the team under wraps.

That isn’t going to stop the Lakers from trying to rebuild the team during the offseason, which includes recruiting many of the many max-level free agents this summer. Among those is Kawhi Leonard, who has been tied to the Lakers for some time now because of his Southern California roots.

After the Lakers loss to the Raptors in Toronto, James and Leonard spoke briefly as players exchanged handshakes, and a mic picked up James telling Leonard, “we’ll be in touch.”

The two players have worked out together over the summers and James has a myriad of non-basketball-related projects that he’s working on. So the brief exchange could mean absolutely nothing.

However, with James and the way that his camp has operated over the last decade, you can’t really put anything past him and/or the Lakers (remember, Magic Johnson was fined for tampering last year) for trying to recruit marquee players. No matter what happens this summer, this video will be discussed again in July once free agency begins.