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Big Sean’s 31st birthday was on Monday, and the “Bounce Back” rapper has done a lot of reflection in the last year.

In a series of intimate Instagram video posts, Sean opened up about his journey with depression and anxiety, sharing that he’s been seeing a therapist because— though he’s been meditating since 17—he felt his energy “wasn’t all the way connecting.”

“I’m big on energy, and I wasn’t feeling like myself and I couldn’t figure out why,” Sean said. “So what I did was I stepped back from everything I was doing, everything I had going on, because somewhere in the middle of it, dawg, I just felt lost and I didn’t know how I got there.”

Throughout the video clips, he also shared how therapy and being deliberate about self-care and self-exploration provided him with a sense of clarity.

“I realized that it all started with me and I had to analyze myself,” Sean continued. “I couldn’t point the finger at anybody else. I had to point it at myself and nurture those relationships that were important to me, but most importantly nurture the relationship with myself.”

This clarity has permeated into his music, he also shared.

“I been meditating on top of the mountain,” Sean raps in a new song previewed in a video clip of him in the studio. Complex notes that in the original Instagram upload, Amaire Johnson and Key Wane were tagged.

According to Sean, he’s now been making the best music of his life. We’re happy to see him happy and can’t wait to hear what he’s been cooking up.

Watch the video clips below: