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Look, there is a time and a place for LaVar Ball. Ever since his three sons came onto the scene killing boys at Chino Hills High School, Lavar has been right there hyping his sons up like any good father should. He’s an advocate for his kids, and that kind of love from a father should be celebrated.

However, Lavar’s antics, while always entertaining, has spewed some of the most asinine takes we’ve seen in the era of hot takes. His latest? His middle son, LiAngelo, is a better prospect than incoming rookie Zion Williamson.

In a video captured by TMZ Sports, you see Lavar hyping up LiAngelo saying that he guarantees that his son “will be in the summer league, and I guarantee that he’ll have an NBA contract.” Okay, hype your kid up then, Lavar. There are some of us who want all three Ball boys in the league to maximize the entertainment value of the league. Things go downhill from there, though.

“He’s the biggest and the strongest 2-guard in the NBA right now. Ain’t nobody built like him at the 2-guard,” said Lavar. When asked about the draft, he said that Gelo would be the No. 1 overall pick in this years draft, even over Williamson.

“Lavar: This year, he’d be the number one pick, can’t nobody hold the candle to that boy.

TMZ: Even over Zion Williamson?

Lavar: He can’t hold a candle to that boy. Why, because he’d shoot his lights out, man. And he’s stronger than Zion.

TMZ: Stronger than Zion? Zion’s a big boy.

Lavar: He can be big, but he ain’t no Big Baller.”

And this is where we are with Lavar, his son LiAngelo and Zion Williamson. It’s the kind of crazy that can only be born out of the mind of a father like LaVar.

Keep in mind as you’re watching the video that Lavar is smiling throughout, and it’s hard to imagine that he believes everything that he’s saying, but he has to keep this kind of insanity up to keep his kid — who many consider the worst of the three Ball boys — relevant as he continues to pursue an NBA career.

Lavar is also dealing with the end of Big Baller Brand amid the scandal that saw his business partner embezzle $1.5 million from the company. So while it may be crazy to consider LiAngelo better than Zion, this is a much more comfortable and fun space for Lavar to be in right now.