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Source: Zhang Peng / Getty

The hype for Apple’s new iPhone continues to reach a fever pitch and if the latest leak suggests anything, consumers may be in for a rude awakening. From the leak, Apple could be bringing in a wild iPhone design by the start of 2020.

The tech company has been teasing the public of how it would create a foldable iPhone. The company promised that the build will have “the screen orientation, hinge design, and structural integrity” required to make glass fold. Per Forbes and Concept Creator, they were able to acquire renders of what Apple’s future creating would possibly look like.

It can be a serious game changer in the phone wars with Samsung, whose Galaxy Fold has been facing a number of flawed malfunctions. That resulted in Samsung delaying this week’s launch, giving way for Apple to capitalize on their competitor’s mistake with a design that could be more reliable.

While it is a long way from its potential release, customers can expect the iPhone Flex to be around the $2,000+ range, considering both the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X to be around that pricing scale.

2019 has been a weird one for the Cupertino tech giant as it tried to force its way into the content game with the addition of Apple News plus which offers users tons of articles from online sources as well as digital magazines and their back catalogs. News aside, its foray into TV was also announced as it plans on producing original content. The new services prove that Apple focus is focusing a lot more on software and even canceled one of the most anticipated accessories in the Airpower.