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Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox

Source: Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox / Getty

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora will be the latest name to not attend the White House following their 2018 World Series victory on Thursday.

Cora, who is a native to Puerto Rico, cited in a statement on El Nuevo Dia that he would feel “uncomfortable” visiting President Donald Trump after the way he handled the recovery efforts following 2017’s Hurricane Maria.

“Puerto Rico is very important to me,” Cora said in his statement. “Unfortunately, we are still struggling, still fighting. Some people still lack basic necessities, others remain without electricity and many homes and schools are in pretty bad shape almost a year and a half after Hurricane María struck.”

“Although the government of the United States has helped, there is still a long way to go, that is OUR reality,” he continues. “I have continually used my voice so that we Puerto Ricans are not forgotten and my absence is not different. Therefore, at this moment, I do not feel comfortable celebrating in the White House.”

Several Red Sox players will join Cora in not attending the meeting on Thursday, including Mookie Betts, David Price, and Rafael Devers. Cora addressed Red Sox officials that he will skip the meeting prior to their series against the Baltimore Orioles.

This further extends to the current tension between President Trump in Major League Baseball. As of right now, Trump has yet (or likely refused) to throw the first pitch since taking office and recently axed an MLB program that would have aided Cuban players to travel to the United States without defecting.