Eminem Challenges Comedian Chris D'Elia To A Rap Battle On Twitter

Source: C Flanigan / Getty

Logic dropped his song “Homicide” last week that features Detroit rapper Eminem. On the track, the two rappers set their crosshairs on mumble rappers and fire off lyrical bars. The song was met with mixed reactions upon its release due to the rappers’ fixation with lyrical prowess, but that hasn’t stopped the hip-hop artists from the promoting the track that has taken the no.1 spot on iTunes and Spotify’s U.S. Top 50.

On Tuesday (May 7) Slim Shady took to Twitter to challenge comedian Chris D’Elia—whose voice can be heard on the end of the song—to a rap battle. The comedian revealed in an interview with Billboard that he allowed Mathers to use the clip on the track for free. For those who don’t know the backstory, D’Elia is well-known on the internet for his very accurate impersonation of Eminem and his rhyme-heavy rapping method. The 39-year-old jokester released a video on his YouTube channel titled “Eminem Rapping,” which has amassed hundreds and thousands of views and gone viral, eventually catching the attention of Shady Records’ general.

D’Elia wasted no time accepting rapper’s challenge, posting on Instagram a picture of him next to a car trunk full of napkins. In his video mocking Eminem, the comedian in Eminem’s voice jokingly and hilariously used the Slim Shady’s rhyming style while spitting bars revolved around napkins.

While this doesn’t seem like a serious challenge, we wouldn’t mind seeing Eminem take on D’Elia in a fictitious rap battle at all. We will just chalk this up to smart promotion for the single.