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The Boondocks played a heavy role in the development of many teenagers in the 2000s and now fans can rejoice in the return of the series, according to John Witherspoon.

Witherspoon, 77, has played a prominent role in the animated TV show, portraying the retired grandfather Pops Freeman. Along with his grandsons, Huey and Riley, he lived in suburban Chicago facing a whirlwind of challenges and hijinks. A show that is seen as ahead of its time, The Boondocks tackled political commentary at the height of the Bush era and other pop culture references (e.g. R. Kelly’s child pornography trial). John was a guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast to discuss his career and dropped some not-so-subtle nuggets on the show’s future.

“I’m on the cartoon – what is it? The Boondocks? I didn’t change my voice for The Boondocks. And they coming back: Boondocks is coming back… It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on,” he tells Rogan.

Details are still sketchy at the moment, as no word was mentioned regarding who was returning for the show. Aaron McGruder wasn’t involved during the development of Season 4 due to creative differences, and it’s unsure that he’ll return to the project that he created. For all we know, Witherspoon’s words should be taken with a grain of salt, as he’s also a part of the forever elusive Last Friday with Ice Cube.

If Season 5 of The Boondocks does come to fruition, it would be in a very timely fashion given the current political landscape. McGruder himself has teased a number of new comic strips of The Boondocks, highlighting the current news cycle involving Robert Mueller, R. Kelly, and more. Still, this doesn’t confirm whether he’ll be returning to the television project going forward.

Check out the clip of both John and JD Witherspoon on the Joe Rogan Podcast below.