2019 NBA Finals - Game One

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Here’s What Drake Went Through to Get That Dell Curry Jersey.

Drake really wanted to be able to troll Steph Curry during Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals, so he had his stylist go on an expedition to get him a Dell Curry jersey to rock at the game.

“On Tuesday, the day before the Raptors’ Game 1 win, Drake’s stylist placed a call to a man named Al Martiniello, who owns a vintage sports clothing shop in Brooklyn, according to The Action Network’s Darren Rovell,” says NBC Sports. “Drake’s stylist wanted to know if Martiniello had seen a Dell Curry Raptors jersey. While he hadn’t, he had a friend, Evan Flores, who had sourced the buying of one such jersey.”

While the owner of the jersey initially didn’t want to part with it, he was eventually convinced to give it up for a good price. At that point, there was no way the jersey would make it to Drake on time if they shipped it, so Martiniello and Flores made a 10-hour drive to go hand it off themselves.

Only when you’re Drake.

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13 Are Dead, Including the Gunman, After a Mass Shooting at a Virginia Beach Municipal Center over the Weekend.

According to CNN, gunman DeWayne Craddock, who was a 15-year public works employee, had submitted his letter of resignation just hours before killing 12 people. Craddock died after a gun standoff with police, making Friday’s event the deadliest massacre in the country so far this year, says CNN.

“I can tell you, quite frankly, that after the massacre at Virginia Tech, our community came together in Blacksburg,” Virginia Beach Councilman Aaron Rouse said. “Hokies across the world — not even Hokies, but American citizens — we came together. So, that’s something we have to do here in Virginia Beach. We will come together, but you have to let those victims and families know they are not alone. We are in this together.”

Students and staff have been encouraged to where blue upon returning to schools on Monday morning.

Dwyane Wade Spoke at Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ Commencement.

Dwyane Wade was the surprise speaker at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s commencement, where he gave students talk about getting ready for the future and reflected on the shooting that occurred last year.

“My life is bigger than basketball, and that’s why I had to come to Marjory Stoneman Douglas to be whatever was needed of me,” Wade said during his commencement speech Sunday, referring to the surprise visit he made to the school one month after the shooting. “I wanted to be that because we’re stronger together.”

He then went on to thank the Parkland community.

“I’ll try to continue to be a leader and a fighter that Joaquin Oliver thought I was,” he said, commending the the students for becoming advocates and representing kids everywhere. “I’m so proud to say the words ‘MSD Strong.'”

Watch a clip of his moving speech below:

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