During the Golden State Warriors‘ peak, the team won three championships, yet Steph Curry received zero NBA Finals MVP awards. As the team leader, it’s easier to understand why that fact will haunt Steph’s career, but now we know that the stat may even get under Curry’s skin, which is usually cool, calm, and collected. During […]

The first round of play-in games has come to a close, and it’ll be yet another postseason that the Golden State Warriors won’t be appearing in. Last night, the four-time champions took on the Sacramento Kings for the right to enter the playoffs. One of the biggest culprits for spoiling the Warriors’ season was Keegan […]

One day after yanking Patty Mills to the ground by his throat, Draymond Green returns with another moment of flagrancy. During last night’s Golden State Warriors game against the Orlando Magic, Paolo Banchero drove in for a layup as Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins tried to stop him. Wiggins caught the foul as Banchero drove […]

Michael Jordan, The Dream Team, and more have gotten their stories told at length in documentaries, and now it’s time for Allen Iverson. The documentary just got approved over at Amazon but will come from a division of Authentic Studios dubbed Jersey Legends, which is headed by Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media. One9 […]

The Golden State Warriors are definitely at the tail end of their saga, but some fans are ready to put some nails in the coffin. Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics certainly didn’t help that narrative as the Warriors were utterly destroyed in a 140-88 loss. It’s a major switch from the two teams that […]

The trade that would have broken the internet. Super teams are a fairly new concept in the NBA, but pairing two of the greatest players of all- time would be unconscionable. But it almost happened when LeBron James and Steph Curry nearly teamed up. According to ESPN,  ahead of last week’s trade deadline, the Golden […]

We’re less than a month out from the NBA All-Star Weekend, and the game’s starters have been announced, with, of course, some drama and broken records attached. One of the biggest changes is the league’s reverting back to the traditional East-West format for the first time since 2017, rather than using top vote-getters to make […]

Steph Curry’s words are coming back to bite him. In an August interview on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast, the sharpshooter was asked if he’s the greatest point guard of all time, and not only did he say yes, but he even added that he has an edge over Magic Johnson. But now, more than a month later, […]

The GOAT has finally addressed Steph Curry’s claim of being the best point guard of all time. On Wednesday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith read a text that Michael Jordan allegedly sent him early that morning, who denounced Curry as the best point guard and bestowed that honor on Magic Johnson. “Although greatest of […]

Few basketball players have earned the right to boast about their accomplishments like Steph Curry. He’s known as one of the sharpest shooters in the league and pioneered 40-foot jumpers and shots from the logo. Now the Golden State Warrior is ready to put some respect on his name by declaring himself the greatest point […]

NBA Championships, MVPs, All-Star appearances, and hole-in-ones are some of the many accomplishments that flood Steph Curry’s resume. But the one thing he hasn’t been able to brag about is an Olympic Gold Medal. In fact, the Golden State sharpshooter has never even played for Team USA. He didn’t compete in the 2020 Tokyo Games and […]

After losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, Stephen Curry found himself heading home earlier than he’d like. But no worries, he’s got another gig to keep him busy. The sharpshooter’s latest venture falls into the spirits category with his Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The adult beverage is distilled by Game Changer […]