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The NBA is the gift that keeps on giving. The Finals are over, yet and still, the NBA is still finding ways to dominate the headlines. This times it comes in the form of rap beef.

Marvin Bagley was on First Take Thursday doing an interview when Max Kellerman mentioned his propensity for rap music. Max then shared his opinion that Marvin was the best emcee in the NBA other than Damian Lillard, Marvin took exception to that and stated he felt as though he was the best, and accepted a challenge from Kellerman to a rap battle.

The clip was posted to Twitter, and Damian Lillard got wind of it and quote tweeted with “I won’t be on first take… but if that’s what he want … shoot”

Later Thursday evening, Marvin dropped a “diss” track titled No Debate with the cover art featuring him flexing his muscle with Dame in the background.

Marvin might have underestimated where Dame was going to take this because it appeared to be more of song than a diss, with no direct shots at Lillard, at least not in the way Dame would respond — but he did.


Lillard responded with a tracked called “Marvinnnnnnnnn!!!???”


It was filled with headshots aimed right at Mr. Bagley

He started off with a clear shot, “I could tell this aint what you really wanted though/ Shoulda DM’d me again what you wanna know?/Say I’m lying I’ll put it out for the public/You asking about my third album before my second one is even published.”

So apparently Marvin is a fan of Dame, and has been in his DMs inquiring about his newest music. Dame continued in the track rapping, “How a king come to battle knowing the kingdom worthless.”

Dame tweeted that he was finished coming at Bagley, but then dropped ANOTHER diss towards Bagley at 12:21 AM titled “Bye Bye” and used him waving bye to Thunder following his series clinching shot as the cover art, the song was also over Drake’s famous beat Back to Back.

In the second song Dame once again came out shooting from the hip and clearly has intentions on attempting to end whatever speculation may exist of who is the better rapper between him and Bagley.

But, Bagley wouldn’t go quietly, in the wee hours of the morning around 4:00 am Eastern Time he responded with a track called Checkmate with bars like “I said your name a couple weeks ago/ You been in the casket/ And now you tryna rise up I say you faking the passion.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Marvin has mentioned he is a better rapper than Dame, but because it gained some national eyes, Dame is finally responding. It leads Marvin to think Dame is not really into music, and just wants attention from it.

After starting the fight with a very underwhelming track, Bagley responded to the double diss from Dame with respectability.

Let’s see if Dame will fire back.