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Anthony Davis has finally spoken since joining forces with King James. Not only is he is excited to play with Bron Bron, and will be looking to build on his legacy with one of the greatest organizations in sports.

Davis had a sit down with Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times elaborating on his admiration of James, and talking about the trade that landed him in LA.

After making what some call a selfish move by hamstringing who the Pelicans can trade him to, by stating he would not re-sign with any team that is not the LA Lakers, or New York Knicks, AD made an unselfish move and waived his $4 million raise that would have gone into effect with his trade; by him waiving his right to that raise, it allowed for the Lakers to have the ability to sign another free agent to a max contract. That player is now looking to be Kawhi Leonard. Here’s what AD had to say about it:

“Money comes and goes; your legacy is forever. I think how you establish yourself in the NBA and what you do on and off the court is something that people will remember forever. Obviously, our money is public and people know what we make, but at the end of the day no one cares about how much money you make.”

AD continued to admit the fact that his legacy will be judged on what he does on and off the court, not by how many dollars he can rake in during his career.

Anthony Davis is not going to be a great basketball player because of the amount of money he makes, it’s going to be about what he achieved on the court and also off the court. That’s all part of my legacy, and I think that’s way more valuable than any monetary value.”

AD being shipped to LA this summer followed a very public, and awkward failed trade attempt this past February. Former Pelicans GM Dell Demps was dead set on not granting AD his wish of being traded to the Lakers, and instead opted to leak reports that the Lakers were trying to trade all of their young core to acquire Anthony Davis, once the trade deadline passed and there was no trade, AD was still playing for the Pelicans, and the lakers young core of Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, were all still on the Lakers.

This lead to issues in the Lakers locker room, and eventually led to AD being restricted to 25 minutes a night by the Pelicans despite him being fully healthy, in fear of him being hurt, and tanking any trade value that still was.

“It was different. Being limited to 20 to 25 minutes was definitely different. Not being able to play in the fourth quarter and close out games was a little hard for me. I wanted to go out there and help the team win. I just want to play again. I was limited last season and now I’m looking forward to getting back on the floor and being productive next year.”

AD will get the chance to build on his legacy this year playing alongside one of the greatest to ever play, Lebron James. It still remains to be seen if another star will join him in Los Angeles, nonetheless, Anthony Davis wanted the spotlight of Los Angeles, he will certainly get it.