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The Los Angeles Police Department has began an internal investigation why the woman who drove the getaway car — allegedly Holder’s girlfriend — after the murder of Nipsey Hussle was released after she turned herself in during Holder’s manhunt.

A desk officer at the 77th Street Station is under investigation by the internal affairs group, because the woman who drove the car came by the station when she saw that her license plate and car were all over the news.

“Oh my God, my car is on here and everything, and I didn’t do anything,” said the woman’s whose name has not been released because of an immunity agreement. “I didn’t know this boy was gonna do this.”

The girl told her mother that her car was on the news, and when her mother called the police department, she was told that detectives wouldn’t be available until the next morning.

When they arrived at the station the next morning, the front desk officer said “don’t worry about it” and “don’t listen to the news,” according to the Grand Jury transcripts.

LAPD detective Cedric Washington testimony confirmed that the woman had been turned away,  according to a desk officer he spoke with in regards to the situation.

The current belief is that the desk officer missed a briefing that day about the license plate and car being released to the public, while the borough believes it was simply a miscommunication.

Josh Rubenstein, an LAPD spokesman, said, “She was not making herself clear of what she was doing, the officer believed the woman was reporting that someone was just recording video of her car on television.”

Capt. Gisselle Espinoza said the incident is under review and no further details will be released at this time.