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A$AP Rocky is going to be kept in a Swedish jail for at least two weeks while police do further investiate into his involvement in an alleged assault. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the order was given from prosectors during a court date on Friday, July 5.

A$AP was arrested alongside two members of his entourage and a security guard employed by A$AP on Tuesday following an alleged incident with two men who A$AP claims were following them, and on drugs. The security guard, whose name has not been given, was released on Thursday while the two other men who are apart of A$AP’s entourage are awaiting hearings.

Swedish prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson said, “after the hearing at the Stockholm District Court that Rocky will be held on an assault charge rather than the aggravated assault charge he was initially given.” A$AP’s defense lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja, said he plans to appeal the decision and insists that his client was acting in self-defense of the two men.

As a result of A$AP being arrested, Pretty Flacko Jody has had to cancel numerous performances across Europe. He will also be forced to cancel his headlining performance at the Wireless Festival in London, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 7.