R.Kelly Indicted On Sex Charges, Racketeering In New York

Source: JOSHUA LOTT / Getty

Last night (July 11), R.Kelly found himself in a Cook County jail after the NYPD and Homeland Security arrested the singer on federal sex crime charges in Chicago. NBC New York broke the story that law enforcement pinched the crooner citing law enforcement sources. It was long rumored the feds had the king of r&pee in their sights and brought him on charges that include child pornography.

The 52-year-old singer will be brought to New York by authorities where he will face a new 13 count indictment that includes charges of obstruction of justice, child pornography production, and receipt of child pornography. According to the Chicago Tribune, authorities nabbed Kelly around 7 p.m. while he was walking his dog near his home at Trump Tower of all places.

The recently unsealed indictment accuses Kelly and members of his entourage of recruiting women and girls to “engage in illegal sexual activity with the singer.” The 18-pages of court documents also described the rules Kelly had in place for the women including not allowing them to use the bathroom or eat, not allowing them to look at other men and instructing them to keep their heads down. Along with racketeering, the indictment also states Kelly was charged with transporting for prostitution and coercion or enticement of a female.

Speaking on his arrest, the singer’s attorney Steve Greenberg stated:

“The conduct alleged appears to largely be the same as the conduct previously alleges against Mr. Kelly in his current State indictment and his former State charges that he was acquitted of, most, if not all of the conduct alleged, is decades old.” 

The “I Believe I Can Fly” crafter was already in a world of legal trouble. After the scathing Lifetime docuseries, Surviving R.Kelly aired detailing his long history of being a creep, authorities arrested Kelly back in February on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse and assault. He was later released on bail and plead not guilty to the charges, three of the four women were minors when the alleged crime took place. Kelly was pinched again for being a deadbeat dad back in March over unpaid child support.

Photo: JOSHUA LOTT / Getty