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LAPD Reportedly Still Investigating Nipsey Hussle For Gang Ties

Source: MARK RALSTON / Getty

The late rapper/philanthropist/entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle is still being mourned around the loss after he was tragically murdered on March 31. The New York Times reports the Los Angeles Police Department and city attorney’s office are still investigating the late rapper, his associates, and Marathon store.

Two days after Hussle was in killed in the parking lot of the strip mall location city officials heralded Hussle as “an artist who touched our city.” The Times reports that the ongoing investigation began before the rappers death and was ramped up after he was senselessly gunned down in hopes to prevent another act of violence on the property.

Authorities were reportedly investigating whether the strip mall located on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard was the center of gang activity in the area. As part of the investigation, the city tried to pressure the former landlords to evict the rapper and those associated with him. According to public records, landlords instead sold the property earlier this year to Hussle and a group of investors for $2.5 million.

Hussle’s involvement with the Rollin’ 60s Crips is well-known especially to those who listened to his music and knew him around the neighborhood. Before his death, he worked tirelessly to reduce gang violence in the area in conjunction with the city.

When he purchased the strip mall, he planned on building new affordable apartments to combat fears of gentrification. Neighborhood Nip tried to help those he knew were affiliated with the gang or former inmates who served time by offering them jobs.

Marquees Harris-Dawson, a City Council member, revealed he has been working for years trying to get details about the investigation on behalf of Hussle.

It would seem even in death, the police still find a way to harass you. Hussle’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, pleaded not guilty but was indicted back in May by a grand jury. He is currently still awaiting trial.

Photo: MARK RALSTON / Getty