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We’ve spoken at length about the alleged nightmare that was Kanye West’s Donda Academy, and now it appears that he’s revamping the school.

First, he’s changed the name to the Donda Ray Academy, a nod to his parents, Donda and Ray West.

He’s launched a new Instagram page dedicated to the venture, which seems to show the school’s new direction. It appears to focus less on academics and more on extracurriculars like teaching the students how to play basketball, dance and choir.

The page only has 647 followers, but while it may seem sketchy initially, Ye is one of two people the page follows. Through its nine posts, you see a basketball trainer and a choreographer prepping the kids for what seems to be an upcoming performance.

The all-black dress code seems to be still intact as the teachers instruct the kids in a bare-bones school.

According to the Sun, to get a fresh start, Ye has even ditched the old school site in Simi Valley, which was once the home of the Simi Valley Stoneridge Preparatory School, in favor of a warehouse in San Fernando Valley’s Chatsworth area.

“An insider told the U.S. Sun this week that Kanye ‘was determined not to give up on the kids’ despite the school getting off to a rocky start,” writes the Sun.

There’s been no official announcement of when the school will open, but the Instagram posts have been made over the past two months, signaling that it’s been in the works for a while and a new semester could begin soon.

Despite the rebrand, Ye still has some lawsuits to answer to after the original Donda Academy was accused of negatively treating its staff.

A former assistant principal and two teachers filed lawsuits stemming from the school’s bizarre happenings, which included not properly disposing of trash, only feeding the students sushi, and not installing windows because Ye didn’t like glass. The former assistant principal said he was suspended and later fired when he raised concerns over the issues—including electrical problems— so his pay was docked, and the school never made good on its promise to pay his rent.

See reactions to Ye’s school below.

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