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Bobby Wagner has agreed to a contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks, the extension is worth $54 million over the life of three years, and according to Bobby himself, the talks included the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan.

“You have to lean on people, you have to ask people,” Wagner told reporters on Sunday. “There are certain people that I talked to. You know I’m with the Jordan Brand. It’s cool, I can talk to Mike and he can give me his advice because he owns a team. I asked his advice.”

Wagner sat with ESPN to explain. “We talked about his playing days, talked about his mindset—tried to steal some of his mindset—talked about training, talked about a bunch of different things. I asked him how he would feel if one of the players came and tried to negotiate a deal.”

Wagner, who is currently signed to the Jordan Brand, sat with Jordan during their yearly trip to France as a company over the summer.

Wagner didn’t go into the specifics of what Jordan told him in relation to the contract, but he did reveal that he served as his own agent, and mentioned that the contract talks did not effect his offseason plans, or workouts.

Bobby said being able to juggle being a player and serving as his own agent, is simply all about focus.

“It’s a focus, just like when you play in football and playing during the season, it’s a certain level of focus that you want to be great that you want to apply, so trying to get a deal done there was a certain amount of focus that I had to have to ultimately get the deal done. But I felt like you had a guy who wanted to be here, you had a team who wanted him here, there was respect on both sides and that’s always a good recipe to get a deal done.”

Wagner came into camp on an expiring deal, and he was prepared to play the season out that way making $10.5 million over the course of his final season, typically when players in the NFL reach the last season of their deal they holdout in order to secure a new deal, with more guaranteed money to protect them from injuries.

Wagner is one of the last pieces remaining from the Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom defense that landed them in consecutive super bowls, and even won one. Wagner will be entering his 9th season.