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Two Mass Shootings Take Place In The United States In Less Than 24hrs



It has been an extremely violent weekend in the United States. We have only been 215 days into the year, and yet we have experienced 249 and 250 mass shooting this year. On Saturday, a 21-year-old white man who drove about 650 miles from his Dallas suburb to an El Paso shopping armed with an assault-style weapon and shot and killed 20 people and injuring dozens. Less than 24 hours later, nine people were killed, and 26 were wounded when a gunman opened fire in a busy area in an Oregon district in Dayton, Ohio.

Unsuspecting shoppers saw a regular day at the Walmart supercenter located in El Paso, Texas, turn into a moment of terror. The shooter has been identified as Patrick Crusius of Allen and is in police custody. The alleged white nationalist wrote what is being called a “manifesto” and voiced his hate towards Hispanic immigrants. He made his intentions clear in his writings that he was ready to kill and die in the process. In it, he shared fears of Texas becoming a “Democratic stronghold” because of growing Hispanic influence. Crusius also shared his disdain for the current Republican party because of its “pro-corporation” stance which he feels will encourage more immigration.

Among the dead are three Mexican nationals President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated in a Tweet. Six Mexicans were injured according to Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

Less than 24-hours later another mass shooting took place during the early hours of Sunday in Dayton, Ohio. The shooter was killed by authorities who were in the area and was wearing body armor while wielding a “.223 high-capacity” gun with extra magazines. No further details have been shared on the suspect.

The so-called “President” Donald Trump spoke on both shootings through his favorite medium, his Twitter account. Sending his thoughts and prayers to families of the victims directly affected by both incidents.

Meanwhile, many are calling for swift action in the form of meaningful gun control in the country. At the same time calling out President Trump for encouraging this behavior with his racist rhetoric. Former Texas Congressman, Presidential candidate, and El Paso native, Beto O’Rourke didn’t bite his tongue. He called Trump a racist and put him on blast for stoking racism in the country.

No lies detected at all.

While O’Rourke and many others correctly point these facts out, Republicans, of course, are shifting the blame. Like clockwork, they are blaming mental health instead of guns. At the same time, Trump’s justice department is dragging its feet when it comes to taking on white nationalism and domestic terrorism.

As the President continues to throw fuel on the racist fires he is stoking, white nationalist will continue to be emboldened.