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Donald Trump Pixelated

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Donald Trump continues to make his case for being racist, and somehow people still don’t believe that he is.

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump’s administration announced they would be conducting raids to round up all illegal and undocumented immigrants. He then weighed in on the conflict between four female freshmen congresswomen and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The tweets he made has some undeniable racists undertones to them.

The women Trump are referencing are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. Of those four women, three of them (Cortez, Ilhan, and Pressley) were all born in the United States, so we’re not sure what Trump was referring to when he said go back to your country.

What Trump may have been alluding to is the fact that none of these ladies are white — they are of African, Latinx, and Middle Eastern descent.

The problem with this thinking is: those women are just as American as Trump, but for some reason, more than likely because of their skin color, he refuses to believe that. It’s not very likely someone will ever tell Trump, a white man whose grandparents are German immigrants, to go back to his country. This is likely because it’s assumed he is “from America.”

Trump’s attack on the four Democratic congresswomen came in the midst of a feud between the progressive Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Despite what appears to be an attempt to back up Pelosi, the Speaker of the house rejected his “defense.”