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Nipsey Hussle’s Family Won’t Be Having a Public Birthday Celebration.

Nipsey Hussle’s family is reportedly planning a private birthday event in lieu of a public one, because they’re still mourning his passing.

“Instead of a public event … we’re told Nipsey’s family will get together on August 15, on what would have been the Crenshaw rapper’s 34th birthday, and remember their lost loved one in private,” says TMZ. “Our sources say Nip’s clan has been flooded with suggestions for how to recognize his bday in front of the masses … but we’re told the family feels it’s still too soon to do a huge celebration, considering it’s only been a few months since his tragic death.”

Fans who plan to visit the Marathon Clothing store will also only be able to get so close, as there will reportedly be barricades and a heavy police presence on site.

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Serena Williams’ Back Injury Cost Her Spot the 2019 Rogers Cup Final.

Due to an unfortunate back injury, Serena Williams had to retire from the 2019 Rogers Cup Final (not the sport entirely) — a highly upsetting occurrence for the athlete. Video footage shows Williams crying shortly after pulling out before winner Bianca Andreescu comes over to console her.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do it today, I tried,” Williams said to the crowd, according to BBC Sport. “It’s been a tough year, but we’ll keep going.”

“Serena, you made me cry. I know how it is to pull out of tournaments, it’s not easy,” Andreescu said to Williams. “This wasn’t the way I expected to win. You are truly a champion. I’ve watched you win so many times, you are truly a champion on and off the court.”

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Apple Will Pay $1 Million to Anyone Who Can Hack an iPhone.

Want to score $1 million? All you have to do is be a genius who can hack an iPhone. Forbes reports that the tech giant is willing to hand out $1 million green ones to whoever can find “the most critical weakness in iPhones.”

“Apple is also launching a Mac bug bounty, which was confirmed Thursday, but it’s also extending it to watchOS and its Apple TV operating system,” Forbes reports. “The announcements came in Las Vegas at the Black Hat conference, where Apple’s head of security engineering Ivan Krstić gave a talk on iOS and macOS security.”

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