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We have heard far too many times the story of the entertainer who was once rolling in cash being down bad and hard-pressed for a dollar. Tallahassee, Florida’s very own T-Pain is the latest rapper to have a testimony about his fall from glory.

In what seems like common practice in the entertainment industry, T-Pain joined the Breakfast Club and discussed some of his poor financial decisions that led to him having to eventually ask those on his team for some cash to get his kids some Burger King.

Pain explained that he bought a Buggati, which can retail for up to three million dollars, very shortly after buying it, there was a hole in the radiator that resulted from constantly driving at high rates of speed.

Pain then went on to explain about the poor investments he made in real estate. Stating that his manager was in charge of buying homes, and he was too optimistic when making the purchases, and ended up buying worthless homes in bad areas. Charlamagne eventually asked Pain how broke was he, and that’s when Pain revealed that he had to borrow money from his friends to buy his kids Burger King. Then Pain mentioned the most he ever had in his bank account was $40,000,000. But now Pain is back on top of his finances.

In his interview, he also touched on him and his wife’s threesome and the rules of that, Pain touched on his pretentious relationship with his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida, what life was like when he was at the top of the game in 2008, and the relationship with different artists.

Check out the full interview below.