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R.Kelly Wants To Hire Michael Jackson's Former Attorney Tom Mesereau

Source: E. JASON WAMBSGANS / Getty

R.Kelly is in a world of trouble, with the jig closer to being up more than ever before. The disgraced R&B singer is hoping Michael Jackson’s former attorney, Tom Mesereau can save him. Kelly could possibly spend the rest of his adult life in prison for a bevy of sex-related crimes. Mesereau is well-known for helping the King of Pop beat molestation charges back in 2005 as well as getting Robert Black acquitted of murder. He has one problem though, he is broke, and Mesereau’s services don’t come cheap.

TMZ is reporting that Kelly is looking to ditch his current attorney Steve Greenberg and his team. The singer feels they are just hungry for media attention. Greenberg is on record calling Kelly’s accusers “disgruntled groupies,” he also believes the reports of Kelly ditching him “a complete load of crap.” The celebrity gossip site broke the news of that the “Ignition” singer met with Mesereau for 4 hours and that Kelly was sold on him. They are also reporting that Mesereau did not agree to represent Kelly, but it could very well happen with the only issue being money. Kelly and his team are reportedly trying to raise funds to get him on board.

Since his reckoning as a direct result of the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly his funds took a severe hit. The once widely-respected singer needed help trying to scrape up the money to pay his $100k bond. He was sent back to jail after it was revealed he couldn’t pay $161k in back child support he owed to his ex-wife Drea Kelly. TMZ reports that he is currently paying Drea $21k a month in support.

If Mesereau takes the job, he will likely be joined by Raed Shalabi who also reportedly met with Kelly as well. They will have their work cut for out for them, the singer was slapped with more sex crime charges from Minnesota. The king of R&Pee allegedly paid a teenage girl to have sex with him in a hotel room.