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R. Kelly has been in jail since his latest arrest on July 12, and in the interim, his crisis manager Darrell Johnson designed to resign for personal reasons.

Him being in jail deterred him and his lawyers from attempting to shift the narrative of allegations that have been following him for close to a quarter-century. In a desperate attempt to make this happen, Kelly and his lawyer team have called the women accusing him of taking advantage of them as groupies.

According to TMZ, documents filed asks for a judge to please release R. Kelly before his pending trial. His lawyers also state that he is not a threat because the charges are bogus, so he has no reason to flee.

The most damning assertion in the filing comes from Kelly’s lawyer Douglas Anton. He claims that “the government is trying to paint a picture of a nefarious pattern, but it all amounts to ‘five disgruntled groupies, not all of which are alleged to be underage, who now show groupie remorse so many years later and only after a TV Show and an aggressive, vocal Cook County prosecutor makes a public cry for ‘victims come forth,’ tell your story and be famous.”

Kelly was arrested on July 12th, he was denied bail, and has remained in jail since. He has pleaded not guilty to a slew of new federal sex crime charges, including sex trafficking.