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Guess who's employee of the month?

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Women can be wonderful, loving and loyal creatures. But unlike men, studies show women typically make a conscious decision to cheat, and it’s usually because they are emotionally disconnected from their mate.

Once your partner decides she is going to cheat, it will likely be well hidden. And one of the best means of execution is a girls trip, when she’s out of sight and out of mind. These getaways are the ideal means to hide in plain sight since most men are anticipating their own solo time.

Now, all women who are heading on vacations with their besties aren’t plotting. But if there has been trouble in the relationship, consider these warning signs.

She stops arguing with you.

Dudes like the silence, but when a woman is invested she wants to pull you in emotionally, needs you to feel her side and is living for the make-up sex. If you commit a flagrant foul and she keeps it pushing, she’s about to be pushing up under another dude, bro.

She’s not feeling sex.

Physical intimacy isn’t just a stress reliever for men— women also benefit from the rush and the pleasure. But when your lady is constantly shutting sex down with excuses— she is pulling away.

She’s only going with one other girl.

Girls trips typically consist of a group of women. The whole point of the getaway is to reconnect and have fun en masse. Eliminating the presence of non day-ones ensures discretion. If your lady claims she can’t cobble together three other women with $1000 she may be getting away for a private “joy ride.”

She moves some money around.

Credit cards create a mean paper trail. One call can lead to an entire breakdown of what was spent, where and with whom. Cash is king when you’re cheating. You can’t trace meals, hotel stays or any other item purchased. If your partner is opting to use dollars and cents on her vacation, find out why.