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Making your lady chase the D requires two things: a plan and patience.

Why do you want her to beg for it? It’s the difference between having her cook you a meal, or serve you one. Enough said. Now, if your lady is a baddie, she’s likely used to you being all over her—here’s where the restraint will come in— but if you really want her p-ssy to pop every time she sees you, she must respond to more than just your penis. The best way to get her salivating on site is diversifying the way you please her.

Here are some tried and true AF tips on who to keep her dripping.


Too many look at a vibrator as a competitor when it’s really your biggest sexual ally. This little toy takes your lady’s clitoris from zero to 100 real quick. Want to help her relax after a long day? Lay her down, spread her legs and help her get off without doing any work at all. Give her a few minutes, and she’s guaranteed to ask you to tag in for a little two-on-one action.


The key here is to avoid anything that’s too crass. Instead, search Amazon or Netflix for a steamy Arabesque movie with a plot that leads to romantic, passionate sex. As the storyline builds, use non verbals to set the mood (rub her hands, nuzzle her neck, steal a kiss) but don’t go in for the kill. Wait until the onscreen sex scene pops, then give her the look. You’ll get a green light. Trust.

Foot Massage.

The bottom of the feet hold pressure, and pleasure points, that resonate throughout the entire body. Get in the habit of rubbing her feet while you guys are relaxing and talking, or watching television.


Hold back on the deep tongue thrusts and get in the habit of giving short, wet kisses on your babe’s lips, neck, ears, and hands. Wait for it….


She’s doing the dishes? Walk up behind her and firmly press your weight while you seductively grind your pelvis over her butt, add a kiss on the cheek or neck, then keep it moving. She’ll be coming for you later.