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Kane Brown X Crown Royal X In The Air

Country music is getting a lot more notice, almost certainly due in part to the recent release of an album from a particular Houston superstar. Kane Brown, one of the notable stars in the current country music scene, shared details of his partnership with Crown Royal, his current tour, and more.

CASSIUS had the privilege of meeting with Kane Brown in Rosemont, Ill. last Friday (April 12) during a stop on his In The Air tour. Ahead of our chat with the “I Can Feel It” star, Crown Royal, which is the official whisky for Brown’s tour, treated its media guests to a presentation of the brand along with specially crafted cocktails in the Crown Royal lounge area. Brown was also on hand to enjoy cocktails ahead of the demonstration.

Kane Brown X Crown Royal X In The Air

Showing off his versatility, Brown joined Crown Royal Director of Whisky Engagement Stephen Wilson behind the bar to mix up his version of the Ranch Water, a classic cocktail typically made with tequila and this version stays largely true to its assumed West Texas origins.

Before Brown took to the stage, our conversation found a relaxed Brown decked out in golfing gear as we did happen to overhear him saying he got 18 holes in earlier in the day. Graciously, Brown spoke about how his partnership with Crown Royal isn’t some cash grab as he’s a fan of the whisky.

Kane Brown X Crown Royal X In The Air

“Crown Royal are great partners as I’ve worked with them before,” Brown explains. “They’re always doing great stuff with veterans and even if it wasn’t a partnership, I’ve been a big fan of Crown since I was able to drink. In my personal life, you can find me reaching for Crown so it is a great fit.”

Country music is enjoying a resurgence as previously mentioned but true fans of the genre are quick to remind listeners that quality music has long existed before the current upswing in interest. Instead of seeing this as an affront, Brown welcomes the renewed interest in country music and explains that it’s only getting better from here.

“Country music has so many fans from all walks of life because it really is a song for everybody,” Brown shared. “Some people might feel like the support coming in for the music is new but we’ve seen nothing but fans coming together and enjoying the music. It doesn’t matter what brings them there because we want people to listen to and enjoy country music so the more the merrier.”

Kane Brown X Crown Royal X In The Air

Crown Royal is currently rolling out a new contest, “That Deserves a Crown with Kane Brown,” where fans can nominate a military veteran for a chance to be a special guest at Brown’s final In The Air tour stop in Arlington, Texas this September. For every valid nomination, Crown Royal will donate $1 to CreatiVets, an organization that provides creative avenues for wounded veterans.

The contest received a positive nod from Brown, who shared with us that he tried to enter the military but was denied because of his tattoos. He added that he’s thankful that Crown Royal, which has long honored veterans via its Purple Bag Project, is doing so again with the contest.

“One of the things that’s also great about Crown is the work they do with veterans. I have veterans in my family who are no longer with us and plenty of family and friends in military service. And I’m always on the road hearing from veterans telling me that my music got them through deployment. I never get tired of hearing that,” Brown said.

Brown, a married father of two, graciously shared that he and his wife are expecting a third child and he beamed with pride when he said that they’re having their first boy. However, Brown is a top-tier Girl Dad and beamed when he talked about his baby girls, saying that his oldest child might have an interest in becoming a performer.

While the Browns are growing their family and perhaps their next superstar, Brown says that new music is in the works and he and his wife, Katelyn, are sitting on some music after the success of their “Thank God” single.

“I haven’t had an album out since 2022 but people are still discovering my music and the tour has been great. My wife and I have four songs I think are ready to go and I’m just enjoying playing in front of the crowds. I can’t say exactly when the new music drops but we’ll have something for the masses coming very soon,” Brown concluded.

Kane Brown X Crown Royal X In The Air

As first-time viewers of a Kane Brown concert, we’re happy to report that the vibes were immaculate inside the sold-out Allstate Arena with fans decked out in their best southern-inspired couture. Brown is as confident a performer as we’ve seen in recent times and sounded just as solid as he does on his recordings.

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