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Amber Guyger-Botham Jean

Source: NewsOne composite / NewsOne composite

Amber Guyger was found guilty for the murder of Botham Jean in his own home, and now faces life in prison.

The 31 year old former Dallas Police Department officer was in uniform but was off duty when she “mistakenly” entered Botham apartment thinking it was her own, she allegedly perceived him as an intruder and fired two shots, one fatally killing the man.

Guyger was at fault for missing several clues that she was on the wrong floor of the building, including a bright red floor-mat that was just outside of the door.

Jean, an unarmed black man, was said to be eating ice cream in his living room when the now-former Dallas cop, an armed white woman, entered the apartment and shot him. Guyger’s attorneys characterized Jean’s death as a “tragic, nonetheless innocent” mistake. Guyger was fired by the Dallas Police Department last September.

Following the murder of Botham Jean, there were numerous attempts to smear his name including reports that he was smoking weed at the time of his death, his mother fired back to make sure that is now what was going to happen in lieu of her son’s untimely death.

The jury began deliberations on Monday and were told they must decide if Guyger was guilty of first-degree murder, if she was not convicted of first-degree murder, then she would have been convicted of manslaughter. But the jury found her guilty, and she will be sentenced in the coming weeks.