Four of the new counts could carry up to a 30-year sentence each if convicted.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle has passed away after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds numerous news sources have confirmed. Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Ashgedom and two other men were shot in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles in front of the rapper’s Marathon Clothing store. Reports stated the rapper sustained six gunshot wounds and received CPR on […]


The duo prepares for their first show since September's Art of Cool Festival performance.

The Front

Keep up to date on 'Get Out' and...well, does any other film really matter?

Truth be told, lyrics that encourage drug use and abuse have ruled the world of hip hop for decades. Over the past several years, however, there’s been an alarming increase in lyrics sensationalizing drug use. Considering the increase in drug use among youth, it makes sense why critics, like Roc Nation artist, Vic Mensa, are […]

No one is exempt from jury duty, not even our favorite former Commander-In-Chief, Barack Obama. On Wednesday morning, the 44th President of the United States took his talents to the Richard Daley Center to complete his native Chicago duties. Accompanied by a plethora of secret service agents, the former POTUS was escorted into the building […]

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Dick Gregory, comedian, Civil Rights icon and would-be presidential candidate, has died after being hospitalized with an undisclosed illness about a month go. He was 84. You don’t know your history if you don’t know about Gregory’s legacy. He began his career as a comic during the 1950s, while serving in the military, becoming one of […]

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