I was 17 when my 23-year-old neighbor held a gun to my head. An hour or so before, we fought on the tiny porch of his rowhouse and I assume homie wasn’t happy that the young boy, whom he might have called a “fag” once or twice in the past, was landing punches to his body […]

The cool operators. The rebels with a cause. Unfettered thinkers who call their own shots, your mercurial tendencies can’t be tamed. Aquarius The Astrologer Says: We’re still in the Eclipses, Aquarius, so stay loose as your life rearranges itself around you. People, events, opportunities, highs and lows are spinning in and out of your life […]

Grounded. Forthright. Sensual about your s**t. The builders of the zodiac, your ability to turn ideas into tangible realities also makes you practical, logical, and highly dependable. Capricorn The Astrologer Says: You’re up to bat, Sea Goats! It’s your turn on the Saturn Return train. For the next two and a half years, you’re going […]

The intuitive, sensitive souls. You feel your emotions on a deeper level than most. Because of this, folks look to you when they need a dose of empathy, but your cool disposition isn’t to be mistaken for meekness; you have an intense side, too. Pisces The Astrologer Says: Your 2018 won’t be as outwardly dramatic […]

Hell hath no flame like a fire sign’s vigor. Your unwavering passion keeps you and your peers inspired, while your contagious energy keeps everything lit. Aries The Astrologer Says: You’re getting a sneak peek at the brand new person you’ve become after seven years of Uranus electrifying (and sometimes shocking) you into changing your approach. […]

2017 was a hell of a year for reckoning the actions of men. When it comes to the culture of toxic masculinity and sexual abuse, 2018 will demand that those who know better, do better.

In this episode of CASSIUS's monthly editorial conversation, Group Think: Rethinking Manhood, we've asked several men to rethink their ideas about manhood, consent, sexual violence, sexuality and self love.

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