Sneakerheads React To The Air Jordan 5 'Fire Red' Shock Drop

Source: Jordan Brand / Nike

The coronavirus has changed our way of life for the foreseeable future, but when it comes to copping kicks off the SNKRS app, the struggle remains the same.


As soon as the highly-anticipated ESPN and Netflix Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance premiered, Nike sent out a notification that the Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ was available. The “shock drop” of the kicks, which are a part of Jordan Brand’s summer lineup, took many by surprise, and some missed the announcement altogether because no one expected it to happen. Well, not everyone, one Twitter user who goes by the handle @DreadsAndBooze, called it.

Those who were on top of their game immediately shot their shot and tried to secure themselves a pair of what is considered one of the best OG colorways of the Air Jordan 5. Just like life before the coronavirus shutdown, many people suffered Ls on the app, trying to purchase the $200 kicks. This writer was one of the lucky ones to score a pair.

Anyway, it felt like a typical Saturday morning again for a brief couple of minutes as sneaker enthusiasts hopped on Twitter to complain about the “dreaded” SNKRS app. Now, if there is any silver lining in this situation, Nike going this route for highly-anticipated releases ensures that actual people buy the sneakers, not bots. Plus, if you missed out last night, it won’t be the last dance for you (see what we did there?) because the sneakers drop officially drop on May 2.

So next Sunday before parts 3 and 4 of The Last Dance drop, keep your eyes peeled on your smartphones cause there could possibly be another drop coming.  Until then, you can peep the reactions from sneakerheads literally napping on the Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’ shock drop in the gallery below.

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