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A'ja Wilson Is Getting A Nike Signature Sneaker: Details

Source: Nike / A’ja Wilson

Social media has been wondering where the hell is A’ja Wilson’s signature sneaker after announcing that Caitlin Clarke landed her own kicks in a groundbreaking deal with Nike. In a major announcement, the iconic sportswear brand happily announced Wilson’s collection had been in the works for over a year.

In a blog post, Nike mentioned working with the two-time WNBA champion and league MVP to craft her signature sneaker, putting her in elite company.

Nike x A'ja Wilson Signature Collection Annoucement

Source: Nike / A’ja Wilson

The post also directs visitors to a webpage,, where a message greets you directly, addressing the outrage of Wilson’s lack of signature footwear for us to purchase.

It reads:

You thought we’d be sleep on an SEC champion, national champion, #1 draft pick, five-time All-Star, U.S. Olympic gold winner, WNBA Finals MVP, a statue-having, New York Times Best Seller, Time 100 Most Influential People in 2024, two-time WNBA champion two-time Defensive Player of the Year, two-time WNBA MVP, and prettiest hooper on the internet? 

You thought. 

Of course, A’ja’s got a shoe.

A’One A’rriving 2025.

A’ja Wilson Talks About Working On Her Signature Sneaker

Nike x A'ja Wilson Signature Collection Annoucement

Source: Nike / A’ja Wilson

Wilson spoke about working with Nike and participating in the design process. “It’s been incredible working with Nike toward a dream of having my collection, and it really is an honor to take this next step and become a Nike signature athlete,” says Wilson.

“From my logo to the look of the shoe and the pieces throughout the collection, we’ve worked to make sure every detail is perfectly tuned to my game and style.”

She continued, “The design process with Nike was really gratifying, and I didn’t realize how much goes into designing a shoe. My biggest asks were that the shoe was light and comfortable for all the hours I spend on the court, and that it also looks really good. It’s versatile, and I hope people will wear it when they’re hooping but also just when they’re walking around every day. It’s so exciting to be sharing my signature, a piece of me, with the world.”

X, formerly Twitter, is happy for the hooper after initially taking Nike’s task for what they perceived as a disrespectful slight of Wilson, believing the company was focusing on the Caitlin Clark hype while ignoring the WNBA’s already established top-tier talent.

Some, like renowned sneaker enthusiast Jacques Slade, believe this decision was more reactionary than part of Nike’s original roadmap for Wilson, despite the company noting that progress was well in the works.

Well, whatever the case is, nothing should rob Wilson of the joy of this moment, and we can’t wait to see what the A’Ones look like when they arrive.

Until that day arrives, you can see those reactions in the gallery below.

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