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Fans of ’90s R&B icon Brian McKnight might have noticed that the “Back At One” singer has been in headlines lately behind his estranged relationship with his biological offspring, whom he has called the “product of sin.” One of those so-called “products of sin,” Niko McKnight, has responded to his father’s remarks, and, well, let’s just say the man is not about mincing any words or pulling any punches, and neither is Brian’s ex-wife and Niko’s mom, Julie McKnight.

“I’m evil. That’s wild: The guy who used to make me clean his used condoms out his bathroom at 15 before Lisa got home is calling me evil Fashoooooo,” Niko wrote in the comments of a post from the Shade Room, according to Page Six.

Niko then replied to his own comment writing, “The guy who forged [signatures] on our names is evil fashoooooooo.”

Niko didn’t stop at the Shade Room’s post, of course. After going off on his father, who has been publicly disowning and disrespecting his children since at least last year, Niko, who is currently battling cancer, took to X to continue the well-deserved onslaught against the guy who has to at least be a contender from America’s Worst Dad.

“When I was about to die in the hospital from complications from my cancer, I just wanted to bury the hatchet and hear him say he loves me and he told me he couldn’t arbitrarily tell me he loves me. Still cuts so deep,” Niko wrote in a heartbreaking tweet. “We were bad children, sure. Yes. But my sisters have always deserved better. They don’t deserve this outright disrespect. Hate us all day. You don’t get to be a piece of sh*t forever and still skate by with all that we know.”

But the part of Niko’s emotional tweet storm that was arguably the most gut-wrenching is when he declared that despite all of the pain and turmoil his father has put him through, Niko declared that “after all of this, I still love him so much because I know there’s my dad in there somewhere.”

Meanwhile, Julie also sounded off on the 17-time Grammy nominee and her children in a video posted to Instagram.

“The point at the end of every negative situation, whether it’s an illness, whether it’s a fool that you have to deal with because they keep entering your life when you are no longer giving any more energy to it, it’s to only keep you down to where they thought they had you because they were the author of an extremely abusive situation emotionally, mentally,” she said of McKnight in the video. “And they’re no good at not being the center of that attention anymore. So when everybody pulls that away, it’s like a kid who throws a tantrum.”

Suffice it to say, McKnight’s continued cruelty towards his children has continued not to bode well for his image in the public eye.

See how social media is reacting to the family rift below.