TwitterThinks Bronny's Days Are Numbered After LeBron James Won The Chip

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

Exhibiting no chill whatsoever, social media had the memes ready, forecasting an ass-whooping of epic proportions for Bronny.


Back in September, Bronny became a victim of what every young teenager seems to do on social media, and that is sharing too damn much of what is going on. He “accidentally” posted a video of him experimenting with marijuana, a substance that is no longer seen in the once highly negative light it used to be. Twitter believes that day of reckoning is upon Bronny because LeBron is coming back home.

Photo: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

1. Y’all going to hell.

2. What is wrong with y’all.

3. LOL

4. SMH

5. Howliiiinnnnggg

6. Screeeaaaamiiinnnnggg

7. Uh oh

8. Why are y’all like this ?

9. Bruh lol


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