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Cam'ron Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors Creed III

Source: Kaitlyn Morris / Getty

Cam’ron is one of the most entertaining rappers in and out of the booth, but his latest comments have some outraged.

The Harlem-born rapper recently took to Instagram to post about a shoot Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors did for their recent New York Times feature promoting Creed III.

In the photos, the two actors are embracing each other in a show of brotherhood, with Majors having his arms wrapped around Jordan and their heads touching in another photo.

However, Cam didn’t take it that way, captioning the post, “The reason I didn’t go see creed.”

The comments section thought the post was humorous, including rapper Fabolous who questioned the motive behind the photos when the movie is about boxing.

“This was a funny promo shoot for a Boxing movie,” the Brooklyn rapper wrote alongside a crying laughing emoji.

However, some others took offense to Cam’s post, like DJ and Hip-Hop professor Skillz who waxed poetic about the remark on Instagram, asking Black men to embrace a softer side.

“We are our own worst enemies smh. I tell all my homies I love ’em…Why? Cuz I do! Sometimes it throws ’em off but Ion care, Ima keep saying that ish. Tomorrow ain’t promised. We all getting older man & death is definitely certain. It’s already hard enough out here for black men as it is bro. You can’t even show love or accept it without your own trying to make it out to be something else. I don’t know Michael B. Jordan, but I know losing Chadwick was hard on him….cuz shit it was hard on all of us,” Skillz wrote.

He continued: “How come men can’t have healthy relationships with other men without their masculinity or sexuality being questioned? I put up a post last week saying ‘Black men it’s ok to smile in your pictures’ and got nothing but dudes saying ‘naaah Ion do that ish Skillz’ You don’t do what? Smile? You don’t see nothing wrong with that? Maaan the times we living in goofy af. Y’all got it. When you die and ya family don’t have one picture of you smiling you got it bruh. Hardest obituary pic ever. You won.”

See how Twitter reacted to Cam’s comments on the Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors photo below.