Cam'ron received criticism from DJ and Hip-Hop professor Skillz after his comment on a photo of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors hugging

Everyone from Tinseltown's legends to newcomers tried to stand out at this year's Oscars Awards ceremony with their threads.


“This is beyond all of our expectations," Erik Lomis, MGM’s head of distribution said.

“I was like, my mama gon’ have to see this. Let me call her and be like, ‘I’m sorry. It’s out here,’” Jordan shared. “My business all out in the streets -- literally.”

Actor/director Michael B. Jordan who is starring in and directing 'Creed III' says work helped him get over his breakup with Lori Harvey.

Jepson is allegedly dating Michael B. Jordan. Sources say the romance is new but that they are very keen on each other.

Michael B. Jordan and Aubrey Plaza ring in Season 48 of 'Saturday Night Live' when they make their hosting debuts Jan. 21 and Jan. 28, respectively.

Ding, ding. After seeing set photos featuring an insanely jacked Jonathan Majors, hinting that Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) was in for some PAIN, we now have the first trailer for Creed III, the third installment in the Rocky spinoff.  Creed III will see Michael B. Jordan hop in the director’s chair and the boxing ring […]

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Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are no longer an item.

Amazon Studios has locked down the rights to a highly intriguing thriller focused on the FBI’s spying on Black Muslims after 9/11, and Michael B. Jordan and Yahya Abdul Mateen II have signed on to the film.