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Welp, Clarence Thomas is finally coming clean about the luxuries he has enjoyed on the dime of Republican billionaire donor and alleged Nazi memorabilia collector Harlan Crow.

According to CBS News, Thomas disclosed Thursday that Crow paid for him to travel on a private jet on three occasions in 2022. And that’s not all.

From CBS:

The disclosure report from Thomas notes Crow provided transportation, lodging, food or entertainment to him in February, May and July 2022. The events from February and May denote their purpose as “keynote speaker at American Enterprise Institute’s Conference at Old Parkland” in Dallas, Texas, and Thomas notes that he was provided transportation and meals. For the February 2022 conference, Thomas specified that he “flew private on return trip due to unexpected ice storm.”

He also reported “flights to and from Adirondacks by private plane and lodging, food, and entertainment at the Adirondacks property,” which the justice’s disclosure notes was reportable under new guidance from the Judicial Conference. Crow owns the property, known as Camp Topridge.

Thomas provided further information about his travel provided by Crow “as advised by the Supreme Court’s Legal Office, the Counselor to the Chief Justice, the staff of the Judicial Conference Financial Disclosure Committee, and personal counsel.” He noted that before new guidance from the Judicial Conference was issued in March about reporting so-called personal hospitality, Thomas “adhered to then existing judicial regulations as his colleagues had done, both in practice and in consultation with the Judicial Conference.”

Thomas’ 2022 disclosure form also lists bank accounts at Congressional Federal Credit Union, as well as life insurance policies held by his wife, Ginni Thomas, that were “inadvertently omitted” on annual reports from 2017 to 2021.

In addition to providing more information about travel provided by Crow, Thomas’ disclosure form included details about a 2014 real estate transaction with Crow for three properties he purchased from Thomas and his family in Georgia, which was revealed by ProPublica in April. The form notes that Thomas inherited a one-third interest in the three properties — his mother’s residence and two additional houses — in 1984, which Crow purchased in 2014 for $133,000, “along with other houses/lots on the same street.”

Thomas’ report reveals that the transaction “amounted to a capital loss,” as he and Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist, spent between $50,000 and $75,000 making improvements to his mother’shouse. “There was no profit or net income for Justice Thomas on the transaction,” Berke said.

One of Thomas’ most laughable excuses for taking the private transportation Crow gifted to him, which he “inadvertently” failed to disclose, was related to an instance on May 22 when he traveled a private jet “because of the increased security risk following” the leak of the draft Supreme Court opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade. So, we’re supposed to believe Thomas was terrified for his safety following the backlash from the leak that he needed special accommodations when he proudly declared that the Supreme Court should also target same-sex marriage directly after the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was made? 

Nah—we ain’t buying it.

Of course, as usual, the Republican’s legal team is crying witchhunt, as conservative politicians always do when they’re alleged to have committed legal or ethical offenses. (So much for the party of personal responsibility.)

“Willful violations require intentional disregard or indifference,” Thomas’ attorney, Elliot Berke, said in a statement. “The attacks on Justice Thomas are nothing less than ridiculous and dangerous, and they set a terrible precedent for political blood sport through federal ethics filings.”

“No justice, Justice Thomas included, should be subjected to such political blood sport,” Berke continued. “It is painfully obvious that these attacks are motivated by hatred for his judicial philosophy, not by any real belief in any ethical lapses.”

So, Thomas discloses a laundry list of finance-related things he was obligated to disclose but “inadvertently” forgot to, but making him answer for said violations is “political blood sport.”

They sure get dramatic when they’re caught lying, breaking the law, or being otherwise unethical, don’t they?

See how social media’s reacting below.