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DAP GAP x Dapper Dan x The Gap

Source: @zoeygrossman / Courtesy of The Gap

We have reached the point in the simulation where even copping a hoodie from Gap requires lightning-quick reflexes and battling bots. To be fair, the hoodie in question is the collaborative and limited-edition Dapper Dan and Gap “Dap Gap” hoodie, which sold out mere minutes after it became available.

Thursday, March 10, at 4pm ET was when people were expecting to get their hands on the Dap Gap hoodie, which was highly anticipate since Gap revealed its Spring 2022 campaign which features legendary Harlem fashion designer Dapper Dan. However, minutes after links finally started appearing to purchase (actually, pre-order) the $98 hoodie, the brand’s site was saying it was out of stock.

“At 4pm today, history will be made again! From a Harlem hood to a GAP hoodie, the first designer to ever have his name on a GAP hoodie,” wrote Dapper Dan on his official IG shortly before, adding. “Be sure to catch the wave!!”

However, a legion of people missed that wave. Many chalked it up to resellers and their bots snatching up all the product before mere fashion civilians could get their hands on one. Indeed, the quickness with which the Dap Gap hoodie was no longer available was like the drop of a coveted Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro.

While Dapper Dan’s fashion influence is undeniable, hardly anyone was expecting the product to go that fast—plenty of people on Twitter noted they had their browsers, and wallets, ready to cop, only to take an L. Well, now they know how sneakerheads feel most Saturday mornings. But who did cop? Are they even up on what Dapper Dan has come to represent to the culture?

CassiusLife reached out to Gap representatives to see if the hoodie will restock at a later date, but have yet to hear back.

Peep some of the more, ahem, passionate reactions from those who weren’t able to obtain a Dap Gap hoodie below.



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