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Country star Darius Rucker, normally unproblematic and staying out of trouble, has found himself in some legal trouble.

The Hootie and the Blowfish frontman was arrested in Tennessee on Thursday on drug charges.

Authorities have charged him with two counts of simple possession or casual exchange of a controlled substance and one count of a vehicle registration violation, according to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. All three charges are misdemeanors.

Police haven’t revealed what substance Rucker was allegedly caught with or what led to his arrest, but it prompted a $10,500 bond that he paid immediately and was released just an hour after he was picked up, which was around 10 am.

“Darius Rucker is fully cooperating with authorities related to misdemeanor charges,” Rucker’s attorney, Mark Puryear, said in a statement.

TMZ appears to have more details on Rucker’s encounter with the law, saying that the incident actually occurred back on Feb. 19, 2023, and he’s just now turning himself in. The routine stop occurred after cops suspected that his tags were expired. After the expiration was discovered and he was pulled over, TMZ says cops smelled weed in the car and asked Rucker if he’d been smoking.

He said he hadn’t but may have the day before, so the cops searched the car and found a THC pen and 14 unmarked pills. As cops announced they were going to pat him down, Rucker allegedly handed them a joint.

They let him leave the scene with no charges because they didn’t know what kind of pills he had. However, that all changed after the meds were tested.

“The police claim they later tested the 14 pills and identified them as psilocin … a schedule I controlled substance similar to psilocybin or magic mushrooms,” writes TMZ.

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