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Diane Warren Feels The Wrath of Twitter After Shady Beyoncé Tweet

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Legendary songwriter Diane Warren learned that when it comes to Beyoncé, her fans do not care what or how many songs she wrote. If you come at the queen, you can get dragged up and down timelines.

Diane Warren felt the wrath of the Beyhive when she tweeted on Monday (Aug.1), “How can there be 24 writers on a song?” along with a rolling eyes emoji. After being packed up by Beyoncé fans, she claimed in a follow-up tweet that “I meant no disrespect to @Beyonce, who I’ve worked with and admire,” even though in a since-deleted tweet, she said, “That’s 23 more than on mine.”

Warren was eventually taken to school by long-time Beyoncé collaborator and songwriter, The-Dream.

“You mean how’s does our (Black) culture have so many writers, well it started because we couldn’t afford certain things starting out,so we started sampling and it became an Artform, a major part of the Black Culture (hip hop) in America.Had that era not happen who knows. U good?” he tweeted.

“Btw I know it’s not a one on one writing contest you looking for from no one over here…… you don’t want that smoke And you know I love you, but come on. Stop acting like your records haven’t been sampled,” The-Dream continued.

Diane Warren Learned The Hive Does Not Play When It Comes To Beyoncé

For those who don’t know, Diane Warren has penned A LOT of hits such as Xscape’s “The Arms of the One Who Loves You,” Monica’s “For You I Will,” Celine Dione’s “Because You Loved Me,” and even Beyoncé’s “I Was Here.” Just head here to see how long her list of songwriting credits is.

The Beyhive could care less and reminded Warren that legendary songwriters could get it too when questioning Beyoncé’s greatness.

“Because our queen understands ideas are rarely new but inspired from diverse sources and those sources deserve credit even when sampled or used as a channel,” one sure said to Warren in response to her tweet.

We are sure Ms. Warren will never mention Beyonce on Twitter ever again.

You can peep more responses in the gallery below.

Photo: Daniele Venturelli / Getty

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