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Draymond Green just can’t seem to steer clear of drama.

The Golden State Warrior’s big man is now at odds with a fan he says got a little too mouthy while on the sidelines of the game against the Milwaukee Bucks earlier this week.

Draymond Green says had the fan kicked out of the game and expounded on the words exchanged in a post-game interview in the locker room.

“[He said] some threatening stuff to my life. I was this close to really going back and diving in but I just went back and told the official, and when I told the official what he said, he said, ‘Oh, he gotta get out of here,'” Green said.

Video of the incident shows Green in a heated exchange with a fan who’s out of frame while Giannis Antetokounmpo takes foul shots. Green then speaks to the referee, pointing to the fan he was mouthing off with before several members of security walk over to his section and escort him out.

It turns out, the fan in question is Mike Shane, an R&B singer, who took issue with Green for punching Jordan Poole earlier this year. Poole is a Milwaukee native, and Shane wanted him to know that his hometown has Poole’s back, but they are ready to move on.

Shane told his truth to the KJ Live podcast, affirming that he didn’t say anything nearly as bad as Green suggested and he “blew it out of proportion.”

“I was speaking up for the city of Milwaukee. Basically, telling him, like, ‘we’re giving you a pass. We haven’t forgotten about what you did –a big bully– and we’re giving you a pass,'” the R&B singer said. “We forgive you.”

Shane posted photos of himself courtside at the Bucks’ home game and referenced the situation in his caption, writing, “Some Sensitive guy got me kicked out the Game last night!!” with a thumbs-down emoji.

Twitter doesn’t agree with Green getting the fan thrown out, given how often he trash-talks and the punch he unleashed on Poole. Just weeks ago, Green was fined $25,000 for appearing to tell a fan, “Enjoy the f-cking game, shut up.”

See how Twitter reacting to Draymond Green snitching below: